Pinebluff, Arkansas 2: 48 Trk 10
Bukka White (Booker T. Washington White)
Bukka White - vocal & guitar, unk 2nd guitar.
Recorded: Sept 2, 1937 Chicago, Illinois
Victor unissued.
Album: Parchman Farm Blues - Roots rts 33055

Woo-well, I got a little woman
In Pinebluff, Arkansas
She was the sweetest little woman
That your men most ever saw

Gonna get up in the mo'nin
Baby, with the risin' sun
Woo-well, in the mo'nin
Baby, with the risin' sun
If the train don't run
Gonna be some walkin' done

My baby she's called me
She called me up on the phone
Woo-well, she called me
She called me up on the phone
She said, 'Daddy, daddy'
I don't jive, come you hurry home'

My baby says, 'I'm tired goin' to bed and moan'
Hoo-well, she says, 'Tired of goin' to bed and moan'
She cryin', 'i ain't had no lovin', daddy
Daddy, since that you been gon'

Well, she says, 'I'm tired
Daddy, singin' these lonesome songs'
Woo-well, she says
'I'm tired of singin' these lonesome songs'
She say, 'i ain't even heard, daddy
'i ain't even heard you called'

My baby said, 'I'm tired'
Daddy, hearin' my bedspring groan'
Hoo-well, she says
I''m tired a-hearin' my bedspring groan'
She said, 'i declare, if you want me, daddy
You better hurry home.

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Pinebluff Arkansas Lyrics

Bukka White – Pinebluff Arkansas Lyrics

Songwriters: BUKKA WHITE
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