Forget the lies and promises that you have made
Now that it's over you're to blame
You're getting proud, you're getting bored, you're getting out
But you're getting nothing but cheap beated
By the games you played

And now that she's learned to fly
And her wings will run through the sky
To the edge on the sun tonight

Take this promise and break it up into pieces

And when you left you shoved yourself out the back door
And traded perfection for a whore
But when you come back she won't be here anymore
So you're left alone with a conscience that's regretfully yours

And now that you've to cry
And your tears overflow your eyes
On the edge of the sun tonight

She won't forget the words you said
I'm sure she better off that way
She's got a light that lets her see right through the things
Of tragedy

And now that she has learned to flow
And your tears overflow your eyes
She's turning into to something more than you will ever be
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Edge Of The Sun Lyrics

Built For Speed – Edge Of The Sun Lyrics