My name is tallulah
My first rule of thumb
I don't say were I'm going
Or where I'm coming from
I try to leave a little reputation behind me
So if you really need to
You'll know how to find me

My name is tallulah
I live till I die
I'll take what you give me
And I won't ask why
I made a lot of freinds
In some exotic places
I don't remember names
But I remember faces

You don't have to be lonely
Come and see Tallulah
We can chase your troubles away (ohhh)
If your lonely
You don't have to be lonely
When they talk about Tallulah
You know what they say
Know one south of heaven's gonna treat you finer
Tallulah had her training in North Carolina

My name is tallulah
And soon i'll be gone
An open invatation is, the road i'll travel on
I never say goodbye because the words upset me
You may for give my going
But you won't for get me
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My Name Is Talulah Lyrics

Bugsy Malone – My Name Is Talulah Lyrics