No Matter what it is you do
You always want to do it with a lot of love and passion
Love and passion are the two key essentials you are going to need to succeed
In whatever it is you chose to do
I mean if you do something without either involved
You're going to probably end up not doing it
You know when you say your going to do something and you usually don't finish it
Cause your heart wasn't in it and you didn't have that passion to suffer to go through it
Love and passion man you go to have them
Somebody gone feel me


I came up with a dollar and a dream
I held a pistol long before I reached my teens
Product of the projects no prayer could intervene
Things that I've seen always made me want more
But we was poor so I had to deal with getting less
So stressed but momma always said we was blessed
Father said keep your head up and always stick out your chest
Walk with the stride of kings and always follow your dreams
But watch out for your team cause some niggas be faulty
I had So many Schemes but please don't try to fault me
Mistakes that I've made was lessons that all taught me
I don't need a ring to shine like charles barkley
I'm just in a league with the legends who shine often
And still pour forties for brothas who seen coffins
We be killing each other we murdered God profits
So many religions I'm confused on my options
But I'm content with the fact its one God watching
Love or hate love is my only option
Hate is a waste we seen what it did to martin
Love on cause the greatest love is watching
They pick your habits up as soon as they be walking
So be cautious on the road you chose to walk them
Learn to let love love please don't alter
Allow love to fill the hearts of sons and daughters
I said learn to let love love please don't alter
Allow love to fill the heart of sons and daughters
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Love & Passion Lyrics

Buddha Avenue – Love & Passion Lyrics

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