Stars, the sun, and the moon:
The places you left me alone with god and his great pink laser

Like a movie you'll come to me smiling widely, our hearts guiding to each other more than ever.
(I had the nerve to ask you for you deep compassion)
I should just die rather than cry, my brain's empty, can't you see me?
Can't believe this happened like this. This is no life for one like me to live alone.
Stars are falling and the big rays shoot from his gun and hit the sun.
The lord almighty's chasing me, his true wrath's yet to be seen. I just have to get away until it is day.
The moon gives away my hiding place and then god gets all angry.
You should have never let me go. It's about time that you show how much you care about me. Why can't I be?

When I saw you I just knew that there was no other.
One for me. To love and breath
I'll never be seen, I'll take mine and leave.
This angry god and his pink beams.
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God's Pink Laser Lyrics

Bubblegum Octopus – God's Pink Laser Lyrics