I wonder how I got here?
What did I do to get here?
Somehow I made the wrong turn and now I’m lost and burned
In my mess I feel deep because my flesh was weak
But now I hear your voice and I’m making the choice

I’m turning away from the things that I do
That I know aren’t pleasing in your sight
I’m turning away from the messed up mindset
And the things that I know aren’t right
I’m turning away from the past the hurt and shame
All the things that had me bound
I’m turning away, turning away

When temptation tries to lure me off my course
I will choose you, I’ll choose you
`Cuz I’ve been there and I’m not going there no more
Said I want a new start I’m giving you my heart
From your love I never want to depart

Repeat chorus

(I’m turning away) From the way of my past
(I’m turning away) I’ve changed my mind, changed my heart
(I’m turning away) I’m surrendering unto you
(I’m turning away) I’m turning away
(I’m turning away) I’m turning away

Repeat chorus
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Turning Away Lyrics

Bryan Andrew Wilson – Turning Away Lyrics

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