Bryan Adams - Hey Honey - I'm Packin' You In!

Had enough of your crazy ways
Had enough of your leavin' for days
Don't wanna hear you waggin' your chin
Sick 'n' tired of your noisy din
Don't want another kick on the shin
Hey honey - I'm packin' you in!

Had enough of your faddy diets
I can't wait for a real good fry up
I'm getting bored of microwave cookin'
And you tellin' me how awful I'm lookin'
Don't wanna hear how you gotta be thin
Hey honey - I'm packin' you in


I don't wanna be the joke of the party
I just wanna be back where I started
I'm gettin' out before the goin' gets grim
So hey honey - I'm packin' you in

Had enough of you hangin' round bars
And crashin' up my favourite car
Sick 'n' tired of this and that and ya askin' for favours
And usin' up my brand new razors
Don't want another cut on my chin
Hey honey - I'm packin' you in


No point in hangin' round with a restless heart
Don't wanna let you down but I'm blowin' this town
For a brand new start
I want out - you want in
Forget about that weddin' ring!

Had enough of your hand in the til
Sick 'n' tired of your credit card bills
Get on back to your next of kin
Hey honey...
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I'm Packing You In Lyrics

Bryan Adams – I'm Packing You In Lyrics

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