My mind keeps me drifting away
Leading me to deception and I'm doing
The best I can
Ain't much because I'm dreaming
When I make it to the golden town
A place where I am real
Like I ought to feel
And I float away
You smile you lay me down
I am floating away
For a long, long time
And my mind tells me what I should do
I never answered it the right way
Never told my mind the story right
It never made me go the same way
As the dreams they came to play
I lost my path in learning how
I made it easy to believe myself
And I flew away
You let me show you how
I'm still drifting away
You leave me behind
And after all this time
In my golden town
I'm left behind
I am giving my all, can't you see I'm trying
I'm doing all that I can, still wasted on flying
You say I bring you down, bring you down
So I bring you down, bring you down
So I'm doing the best I can but I can't stop dreaming
I need my time when I'm not afraid
When I'm putting on my golden crown
That when I'm leaving.
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Golden Town Lyrics

Brutus – Golden Town Lyrics