My son, My son,
Come let's prepare you for greatness.
Follow the ones that deplete lesser's patients.
Oh, my son, your streets are paved with gold.

I'm standing right by your side,
This invisible force can't keep you in it's clutches.
Bound by denial, hatred, and love!
And those who proclaim they have become the scapegoats.

We are the flood.

And this could be something more;
This could be what our eyes are searching for.
And this could be our way out alive;
Tell me can't you see what is blind?

Now your voice fills with smoke,
But this palace can't be silenced by the ashes.
Don't let the past and useless details define and choke your existence.

Perverted sense of peace and grace; relentless measure.
And you will bury yourself inside relentless pleasure.
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A Starving Clock Comes Back For Seconds Lyrics

Bruised But Not Broken – A Starving Clock Comes Back For Seconds Lyrics

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