Hongulmamotaya he say oh he say hahahaha hongulmamotaya
He say oh he say oh oh oh oh shigidoh shigidoh shigidoh
Shigidoia. Shigidoh shigidoh mamota shigido shigido
Shigidoia shigido shigido mamota. Then just repeat a
Bunch of times and youve got it.
Some backgroudn info I am white. And I do not know
Korean. I do not know if this is the spelling. This is
Just what it sounds like. I do however know that
Hongulmamotaya means I don't speak korean so the start
Could mean like I don't speak korean. And he's saying oh oh
Like what? And then the other guy is laughing at him.
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Hongulmamotaya Lyrics

Bruce Lee Band – Hongulmamotaya Lyrics

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