I remember 1964
There was nothing
Playing on the radio

The scene was folky
Rock and roll was hokey
Seems the world was
At an all time low

Then I saw them
Singing on the tv
Mop top shouting rock
Mersey beat and harmony

Platinum heroes
Better than gold
Loved by the world
For the records they sold
Bigger than legends
Greater than dreams
Hiding in jets and black limousines
I hear the music
I hear the screams, oh, yeah

By '66, all the world
Let it's hair grow
I was there at Shea
For the last show

The crowd was screaming
Lonely hearts were dreaming
I hid the tears
As they turned to go

Then the Sergeant
Snapped us to attention
Stood us on our feet
And gave us new directions

[Repeat chorus]

We dug for clues back in 1970
They crossed the road but
We just wouldn't let them be

We saw the hangman
Priest and the prisoner
Followed close by the gravedigger

Dropping tabs and playing back
Hidden incantations
Revelations number nine
Counting black carnations

[Repeat chorus 2x]
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Platinum Heroes Lyrics

Bruce Foster – Platinum Heroes Lyrics

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