Five o'clock in the morning
And the sun's just starting to rise
Been riding for days
On this Greyhound cruiser
And I ain't once closed my eyes

Been looking for something
Familiar to show me
I'm getting closer to home
If I'd-a had me a little more money
I coulda got a jet and flown

How much further, Mr. Bus Driver
How much more time do I got to spend
How much further, Mr. Bus Driver
Got to get home to my baby again

Been away, way too long
Since I held her in my arms
Keep thinking about her
And her touch, so soft and warm

I wish this bus was moving as fast
As the beat of my heart
I say a prayer, she'll be there
When me and this bus do part

[Repeat chorus 3x]
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Mr. Bus Driver Lyrics

Bruce Channel – Mr. Bus Driver Lyrics