I've felt the winds of change blow through my hair,
And I've heard the voice of reason when no one was really there.
I've seen the signs that change my life with a glance.
I've even seen myself deny; it was anything but chance.

Then you touched me,
Showed me you loved me.

I saw Heaven, and I'm dying to tell you,
"It was a picture perfect dream come true."
He let me see it for a minute or two,
And he wanted me to say, "It was open for you."

It was more real than anything I have ever known.
It made me sure when times are low I'm never all alone.
It gave me peace of mind, saying I will get through it.
You've given me the road to choose, given me the strength to choose it.

A calm came over,
Tapped on my shoulder.


You may have seen with your eyes,
Maybe heard in a babies cries,
Felt it with a gift you gave,
Or touched it with a life you changed.

But there it was, clear to me:
All of all eternity.
He's the giver of the gift of life.
It's up to me to live it right.

A calm came over,
Tapped on my shoulder.

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I Saw Heaven Lyrics

Brother's Keeper – I Saw Heaven Lyrics