Yuk that project nigga, I was forced to hustle
I was forced to tussle drugs slangin' that born to bubble
nigga back and forth to court in trouble
Cuffed by the task force in trouble
I won a Porsche from the juggle
Pocket full of stones like Barney Rubble cursed by the devil
Birds on the level of a kingpin smirk on the bezel
I hit the hood inside my Esco-lade, make the ghetto say
Yuk so ghetto wid his ghetto ways
My ghetto pays, three and four bricks a day
Pop Cris and play, the hardest representin' the Bay
I fuck free puffin' trees inside me luxury way
Y'all ain't tellin' me shit I'm tryna fuck celebrity chicks
Yo rockin' a throwback seventy six, I got grand from eighty seven
Ya bitch nigga always said I'd be rich
The fans hit dead at the strip
I still get executive chips
Distribution deal executive shit
Yuk and Lynch what's better than this
Let the veterans spit
Infra red in the clip deaden ya lip
Ya bitch rappers better step shit up
Call me Texas Yuk, fuck a van I rock the Lexus truck
Wit the Smoke-A-Lot logo gear
Get ya coastal on a promo
Yuk out of this world like Hans Solo
Rap-A-Lot mafioso cop birds from Acopolco
Real talk to mock vocals
fuck the cops and po-pos, headlocks and choke holds
They put me in again I pop the four-fours drop them homos
And learn that the glock is no joke
And learn that the Blocc is no joke
Slang rocks and snort coke, we cook kis like gumbo drops
We chop O-Z's to jumbo rocks, pay off Colombo cops
Beef with me the funk won't stop
The gun expert let the tech burst the Spit Network
It's the Spitz Network, the Spitz Network come on
The Spitz Network, the Spitz Network come on
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Spitz Network Lyrics

Brotha Lynch Hung – Spitz Network Lyrics