Too many lies my boy that came out of you
Mouth - plus all of the mac make up that I
Found in your house - what can yousay to
Me, words don't mean a thing - and all
These promises about money, cars and rings

Was I just another girl for you tell me
(won't you tell me) - or just another fool
That cooked for you (won't you tell me) -
Was she better than me, better tell me the

If you wanna have your ring back, let me
Know, let me know - if you wanna have your
Car back, let me know, let me know - if you
Wanna have your rolly back, let me know

All these women calling your crib while I
Was talking to you - this chick was up in
Your mix, but you're not a player cause I
Was playin' you - and while you were cheating I
Was cheating you

I want the house the keys, watch and
Bentelys - than it's time to go, yes it's time to
Leave - I say you knew I was pimpin from the
Very start - but you said that you could deal
With it and gave me your heart - but now you
Acting like you didn't know that I was the
Man you acting like I didn't put that rock in
Your hands - and you acting like I didn't
Give you cars to drive - now you wanna
Front me, you must be out of your mind - I'm
Hustler so I got no ball, but if I change than
Maybe I'll give you a call - but in the mean-
Time and in-between time - you do your thing
And I'll do mine.
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Let Me Know Lyrics

Bro'sis – Let Me Know Lyrics