Freaky Deaky
There was this girl She was so fly
Couldn't contain myself when she walked by
So I thought that
I'm a have to get with this chick
So I walked up to her Asked what's her trick She said
I don't really wanna tell you now But if you take me here I'm gon show you how
I thought Damn! So that's what I did
Next thing I know Were back in my crib And she said
Baby, don't you worry I know what I'm doing
Closeyour eyes and come with me And she was so
Freaky deaky like no other chick
Freaky deaky I can't handle it
Shes coming over just to give me some
Shes ghetto, I know, she wont let go
Freaky deaky like all the time
Freaky deaky always on my mind
She gives me pleasure like you can't find
Shes ghetto, I know, she wont let go
Now I'm that type of guy Whos down for whatever
But you freaky girl is on a whole different level
See I like it, but you scare me girl
And still I want a part of your freaky world
I couldn't leave Even if I wanted to
I couldn't speak Even if you asked me to
Now this sounds so crazy I know it, believe me
But all she wanna do is get a little
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Freaky Deaky Lyrics

Bro'sis – Freaky Deaky Lyrics