The lyrical disease
Just got strucked in
It didn't know me
Guess what it got tucked in

See how we got sucked in
Its like two fingers to the
Category of being plucked in
Gather the chairs together
Then buckle in sit there then
Rest your mind to chuckle in
Don't mind me don't like me
Well then be free then huckle
The berry then you can figure
You can swim with your finn

Have to slice your brain apart
You already walked into
My corridor hard
Giving you more Metaphors
Tickling me for starts
While you have your last
Laugh my wrath is set to
Be destined and marked
You depart now my is guard up
I become abrupt while I level you
The generation continues
Telling me to hurry up
And out to be up and about
Cause they knew I've been
Laid my cards by the cups
For verbal sprouts to be equal
And so I stuff myself
Cyphering 'til my brain bleeds
For this title to be a sequel
Drips as it spreads to me to speak full
I remained to be cool
I tasted the feed then transform to whats been wasted the term cruel I meet me you'll be able forth tell to how
We take the heed by the mule
And so I terminologied to face it
Became worse now its my tool
The replacement

Me I been embraced it
I greed now we into my session
Version three to take it to paste it
Disregard song two and so I lace it
M-i-c double check me to further ace it
While being befriended debated
Turning blue N-I-T-E the i-c created
My pal the seed you f-o-are-g-o-t
My title pit removing the P
Makes my song to be it
So legit the Metaphoric
Calls me myself I fit
I don't history to quit
I spit to be no contradict
Since you did not budget
Don't budge me to
Walk into my fist
Brooklynite has been lit
Listen for a bit
Been so hungry for this
Third round you heard I'm in
Town grounds my name bound
Foot down I am Pro per
The cause to the noun
Try fooling me never will
I frown back at ya
See my result go round circles
Then make more sound forcing
The thug to guess what
Not trying track ya
Take pretended facts to my file
Stacks by the mile I'm at acha

Then title the song or call me
To capture being a Frat Phi Gamma

This is why my name not here
So have some manners
At the same time the presidents
Name is not even Obama
Don't catch the or match the Aladdin
I tried patent her but the fishes
Placed her back then the mama
Disappear then I reappear
While piranhas snatched ya

....... To them what matters didn't but sadden
They hadn't been back yet and
That they were continuing to doing
The paying homage vomiting at bin laden

Bronx Queens Manhattan of course the island the Staten I am at a reach but never been platinum but realize the vitamins prevented me at being numb toward facts that I probably may not be done------Metaphorical 3 the Mosoundsoda Sequel
My appreciation people
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Metaphorical 3 Lyrics

Brooklyn Nite – Metaphorical 3 Lyrics

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