Fire surrounds, searing flames lick, skin and hair bum,
Human flesh burning sweet, now sauteed meat, cooked alive

Die by fire, painful death,
Flames ignite your flammable breath
Intense heat sears your soul,
Body reduced to blackened charcoal,
The bowels of hell aren't this hot,
Cremation does away with rot,
Tissues melt into burning muck,

Head deep fries, broiling brain and eyes,
Skull a pressure cooker, exploding fireball,
Muscle and flesh now creosote fused to the bone

[repeat chorus]

Bones and teeth nothing but ash,
Dental identification gone in a flash,
Grilled, burnt and black as you burn,
Cremated, you now belong in a urn

Organs to cinders, internal gasses ignite,
Combusting within, singing inestines gristled stiff,
Fat burns like crisco napalm, burning globs,
Smoldering cadaver, the end result a putrid pyre,

[repeat chorus]

[Music: broken hope]
[Lyrics: J. Wagner]
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Incinerated Lyrics

Broken Hope – Incinerated Lyrics

Songwriters: STANEK WAGNER
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