Its been a tough day
A hard month
An even worse year
He told her
How he felt
Whenever she came near

It'll kill him one day
It's plain to see the way
He falls so easily
He'll never get up when
He's knocked down
Still his crazy life
Keeps spinnin' round

He got shot down
By her
When he told his story
She walked away
From him
Another bad memory

So easy to fall
So easy to fall
Not as simple to
Forget it all

He sat down
Thought it out
Decided to move on

He met her
She seemed so right
Another bad memory gone

He'll sit down one day
Look back and see the
Way it all came so easily
He'll get back up
Take his bow
And hold on as life stops
Goin' round
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Another Bad Memory Lyrics

Broken-Hearted Janitors – Another Bad Memory Lyrics