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LiL'Nigga Lyrics

Brochard – LiL'Nigga Lyrics

Why this nigga tryna play with me
All this back and forward is not what I need
I think I figured out what's wrong with me
A nigga like u is so bad for me
In my face calling me a bitch
In my place fuckin up my shit
But a nigga is not having it
So a nigga had to chock a bitch
Now this nigga wanna grab my phone
Going all through it tryna find some wrong
Its sad he's a fucking insecure lil bitch
Then he found my lil dip I dicked
He took a swing, I ducked and shit
Turned around and buss his lip
On the ground still talkin lip
Had to hit him wit that backflip
Chill lil nigga u don't want this heat
Is u mad
Cuz some other nigga sucked my meat?
Is u mad
Cuz I fucked sum other nigga to sleep?
Or is u mad
Cuz u never could take the D
Get glad
This aint forever
Ima pimp, you a hoe
We aint together
I sip, you pour
Here's a tip..whatever
Don't block my door
You gotta go lil nigga

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