We're slowing down. We're in the stasis now. Winter has come drinking the warmth from our bones.

So pry open our eyes to find mountains on both sides sit patient like jaws. We brace for them but never move.
Hot breath in the air and scavengers in the streets with bottles in hand and nothing to do but consume themselves.

Just pick a direction and we'll go so far. I'm so sorry but it's not safe here. Just pick a direction and we'll go so far. Just say it and we'll go, we'll go there.
There's no sleep, just atrophy. We're not waking up tonight. Our bodies turn like leaves and it's not my place to tell you what you need.

So pry open our eyes to find something is not right. You're fight to move. The longer you wait the further it falls from you. You stop trying to reach.
And I know it's cold outside. You've got to take it all in stride because through that door madness scratches.

You wait there. You wait there.

It's loud and bright with washed out, dead starlight. it takes it pittance right through the skin, right through the body.
As sirens cut and our bodies reconstruct. Don't ask me why but somehow we work and somehow it's better.

Why did you wait there.
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Twenty Something Stasis Lyrics

Bridges Out – Twenty Something Stasis Lyrics

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