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Never Lyrics

Bride – Never Lyrics

Never make a promise that you can't keep
And only pray for the things that you most seek
Never make a wish that you might regret
Only hope for the things you're unafraid to confess
Never use empty words in a hollow head
Or bury your dreams with the walking dead
Never doubt the power of the water and blood
Resurrection is a man and his name is love
Sitting on top a steeple so high
I am proud and touching the sky
I can see for a million miles
From this exalted place
I can see your future so clear
I'll ring those bells
For tomorrow we'll dine
Never let the power rattle your bones
Or ride the pale horse all alone
Never unlock a forbidden latch
Within an itching head there is always a sin to scratch
Never lose everything that you have embraced
And never panic when you think it has all's been erased
And never be a prisoner of this reproach,
I am bound by the countless things God solved.
Like lightening touches the ground
My hand is on your heart
I can squeeze in a just little fear
So go ahead and cling to your old rugged cross
He's not hanging round no more
Your religion can't save you now
Never, ever, ever, ever,

Violate, violate tell you about a tragedy
Violate, violate, life's realities
Suck me in, suck me in, cut me deep
Make no mistake
You're bound and you're gonna bleed
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