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Lady's Letter Lyrics

Brianna – Lady's Letter Lyrics


I got a letter,
Put it in my sweater,
Before I read it out,
I went upstairs,
And had a pair,
Of scissors in my mouth,
It said that it was a girl
That I used to know,
She was a pain but,
I still liked her though,

How are you girl,
I really miss you so,
Where really far away,
But I'll visit you though,
Can I stay at your place,
It's too hard anyway,
I can't afford my bills,
And I don't have a phone still.

[Verse 2:]
I sent one back,
And said she should pack,
And I'll pay for your tickets too,
Said when are you commin',
Gotta come in a hurry,
I got things I need to do.
Not tryng to be rude,
I'm not in the mude,
To rude and stuck up,
So I'll send you the ticket,
And you can come right up.
And she wont be saying

She's comming today,
And I thought it was great,
That she wasn't going to be so poor,
She got on the plain,
And got so insain,
The plain was going down,
And she closed her eyes,
She new she would die,
So she put her cross,
On her chest,
She said"thank you god,
I'll have a long rest!.
If it wasn't for.

If it wasn't for that letter...
She would have never died...
I would have never cried...
Oohhhhhhhhh hohohohohohoho
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