I'm sitting here alone right by the telephone
As if it owes me a favor
I'm staring at close doors
Remembering when I was yours
And I could call you my baby
I kno we got off the train
Can we start over again
Cuz I miss you, and I love you
Can't say what I feel inside
Cuz I don't wanna be the one to make you cry so
I'll just let go, but I love you

I'm sorry
For the pain that I've caused you
And I'm sorry
For the times that I've hurt you
And I'm sorry
For the things that I've done
Cuz after all this time I realize that ur still the one
I'm sorry
For the times I was weak
And I'm sorry
I should've known I was naive
And I'm sorry
For tearing us apart
After all this time it's you that still remains in my heart

I'm so sorry please forgive me

Remembering spooning nights
When you were here by my ride
We always got together
And though the times got hard
We never would be apart
I thought we would last forever
And if the dream comes again
Will we be more than just friends?
Will we reach destination?
So here's what I'm gonna do
I just gotta tell you that I feel for you so
Will you let go, will you love me

[Chorus: X2]
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Sorry Lyrics

Brian – Sorry Lyrics