If you're looking just to pour yourself out into something,
Maybe someone like me, wanted nothing
More than you
Because this is desparate not bold
It might be calace, but it ain't cold
It has just been empty for so long
I figured anything should feel full
Anything should feel...
Well cause if you love someone
Well, I think noone would be better than me
And I will wrestle the ground
I'll throw my arms around you
Will you hold me up if I hold you down
Will you cry like the sound,
Like someone who always knew
That you would leave, but I never moved
I never, la da da da, la da da da
La da da da, la da da da
Cause I was willing to take whatever you give me
If you give in I'll be hoping you wanted nothing
More than me
Cause if you love someone
Hey I think noone would be better than me
So, you found beauty in solitude
(then you forced it on me)
You found a god who gave refuge
(I did not want to be free)
Now where's the honesty to work through
Oh to see now she loves noone
I think noone'd be better than me
[Chorus:] 2x
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Wrestle The Ground Lyrics

Brian Webb – Wrestle The Ground Lyrics