I used to know you incomplete
Saving souls of men like me
In a town that sees things
In black and white
A young girl was a yellow light
The almighty kicked up the dust
And it settled on this town
He turned the water into wine
And he won't turn it back around
This hole in the wall
Is but a hole in the ground
This mobile home has never been
The last time it moved
I don't know when
The wheels came off,
But couldn't rust
And I settled here
Just like the dust
With arms
That could not keep you
From the pull of gravity
Or the prayers put upon
Your rearview mirror rosary
The day that you start living,
That'll be the death of me
You haven't done the crime
And it feels like doing time
And you think
That you have had enough
If you leave this bed
Then leave a bullet in my head
'Cause I know I lived enough
This should be enough
I'll think about my soul to save
When one foot's planted in my grave
And with that said, you left me there
The dust too much for you to bear
Oh, Jesus kick a cloud
And let it rain down on me
I put about a thousand prayers
On her rosary
The day that she starts living,
That'll be the death of me
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You'll Be The Death Of Me Lyrics

Brian Vander Ark – You'll Be The Death Of Me Lyrics