Well I'm the soul-man at the microphone stand-
You're a 50 cent fucker I'm a million dollar man-
And rippin' up shit is the god damn plan-
Don't need no fuckin' muscles or a coppertone tan-
I'm a skinny little fucker from the street-
With some rhymes in my mind to make this rap complete-
I never get tired - I'm retired-
I've never been hired so I can never get fired-
I don't have a diploma or a ged-
But you don't need a degree to be on mtv-
Woo haw - hit me with my payrole check-
It's all about money so fuck respect-
Say I'm sellin out - well I'm sold-
I'm gonna be rich when I'm old like mold-
Milldewin' - so you can say I'm screwin' - the pooch-
When I'm hittin' the hootch - while I'm poppin' the kootch-
Booty shakin' with your girl on slow jams-
Your name Michael Jackson - nah - Soulman-
So my life sucks, but yours does too-
Cuz your mommas fat and ugly, and so are you-
Sorry to burst bubble-
Hope I caused ya trouble-
But you're startin to look like Barney the fuckin Rubble-
No harsh feelings, someone had to tell ya-
Just don't come close so I won't have to smell ya.
Pick it up, put it down-
Lay it on the ground-
Like Lionel Kiddie City, turn your frown upside down-
Just like an ear test, listen for the sounds-
Cuz like a fudge maker, I cut it by the pound-
And you know I'm not a clown-
So I don't fuck around-
I just hit on your mamma cuz her botty's nice and round-
I don't give a shit if she weighs 400 pounds-
As long as she's got meat, I'll eat it all year round-
Her lovin might be crappy-
But she'll never ever slap me-
Cuz I'm the only man that'll try to make her happy-
So back off son or I'll bite ya like Tyson-
I'm not Puerto Rican, so I wont like the rice 'n'-
Beans, beans, they're good for your heart-
You know the more you eat 'em, you know the more you fart-
I eat 'em all day long so stay away from my ass-
Don't follow to closely and don't light a fucking match-
Cuz one little spark and -Boom- explode-
Like the Power Rangers, I'll be in turbo-
Well now you now you know my life and how it sucks to be me-
But I'm comfy this way like a pair of cord jeans-
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Rizap Of Crizap Lyrics

Brian Robinson – Rizap Of Crizap Lyrics

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