Ohhhh [2x]... (come in) very adippted in the heart of
Healing, a voice spoke up 2 her sayin' come in, she's
Lost for words, describing the feeling, whatever it is,
It never ends no uh-uh, very adippted in the heart of
Listening, she's understanding everything she needed to
Know, her dreams now turn 2 the water glising, and the
Words come in and go, come in and go, to a place where
Time; it has no meaning, in space where there I know wow
Wow, very adippted in the heart of reseving, she finally
Got the call, come in [2x] go, immersion [2x] very
Adippted in the heart of releasing, she let all of her
Anerbitions go, with the unexpected shock of a bee sting,
She got pulled into the future and it to the new world
[9x] welcome to the place much faster than time, the ture
Reality where only beast you'll find, come in, come in
And go, immersion [3x] go.
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Immersion Lyrics

Bria Valente – Immersion Lyrics

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