4 What's 2 Come
It's Been A Long Time Since Eye Been With Anyone
Careful, A Woman's Got 2 B
In This Day And Age That Why Eye Was So Elated When Eye
Got Ur Page
Ooh Just Thinkin 'Bout What We Used 2 Do
Makes Me Wanna, Makes Me Wanna Take A Shower
And Just Lose Myself In A Fantasy
Ur Hands All Over Me, But 4 Now Mine Will Have 2 Do

Here Eye, Here Eye, Here Eye Come (Ooh Wee Baby)Its
Been A Long Time Since I Been With Anyone

Motivation, That's What you are 2 Me
And Eye Can Just Think About you Babe And Get Weak In The
No Seriously, Eye'm Sitting Down Right Now
On The Floor Of The Shower, Just... Wow
Don't Ever Stop What U're Doin
Don't Ever Stop What U're Doin (Let Me Tell you What Eye
Feel Like)
Oh Eye Feel Like That Dirty Blonde Girl In 9 1/2 Weeks
A Minute Goes Just Like An Hour
And The Water Pours All Over Me, In The Shower Oooh


Dear Diary, The One In My Mind
Electric Rush Inside Me Is Going Crazy
Eye Gotta Find A Way 2 Make It Stop
If Eye Don't Eye'm Gonna Pop
Like A Cork On A Bottle Of Chardonnay
Up In The Air, Then Eye'll Drop Down 2 My Knees

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Here Eye Come Lyrics

Bria Valente – Here Eye Come Lyrics

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