He's never on time,
He don't support Luton,
He can take directions,
And his moped is never clean.

The teachers hated him,
His parents named him Lee,
He's always in a fight,
With his little brother Mike.

All the time that he's been searchin on the Internet,
Jus lookin for that special person,
Who lives in Hertfordshire.

I don't really get Lee,
I'm his friend no more,
He wants to be like me.
(times 2)

Ellie told him,
He'll be a porn star,
All he has to, is take off his top.
His tired of been compared, to fat Rick Waller,
He's so ugly and, that just aint Lee.

All he wants to do is go to the cinema with Ellie,
But not watch Eminem,
They don't really like him,
He's their own worst enemy,
He's so Irritating.

I don't really get Lee.
(repeat till fade.)
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I Don't Really Get Lee Lyrics

Brettell – I Don't Really Get Lee Lyrics