It's an honor for a girl like this to know ya
So if you ever met a girl like this then I suppose ya
Wouldn't know how to treat her which means you don't deserve her
Which means you should just leave her and find somebody closer to you
Cos they don't make 'em like her no more
They don't make 'em like her no more
God don't make 'em like her no more
Cos she fine... And she mine

Shawty got a body that your thoughts are gon be naughty for
She ain't showin off she ain't no walkin' talkin' Mardi Gras
Make a rich man take his credit card and max it
And make a crackhead share his crack and feel relaxed wit
But she ain't wantin none of that because she got her own
Accept the but everywhere she want she goes
The definition of elegance, other chicks are irrelevant
Shawty got intelligence so she don't wanna settle wit
Settle wit, she don't wanna work for
Even if u got dizzy spells u still make a circle for
Even if u got OCD you still gon stay open for cos she the type of woman that you hopin for


She got me noddin' like a Yes man
Cos in her mind, her perception I'm the best man
And there is something that I would never question
But to her maker there's some things I wanna ask him
Is it a sin to watch an angel that's undressin'?
Cos if it is then I'm a sinner with obsession
And you're a winner with perfection
And from whom you learn your lesson


She got me thinkin' that she ain't with me
She got me actin' like I ain't her man
She got me thinkin' it's a fantasy
Or could it be that I'm with her or she with me oh could it be
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Like Her No More Lyrics

Brendon Starr – Like Her No More Lyrics

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