I sat down next to a man who seemed so alone.
We started to chat small talk about some builders home.
He smiled then told me a man fathered 150 kids all at once.
So I asked him if I could buy his lunch.
While we ate he told me about something called a man's special bank.
One hundred and fifty kids by only one Dad?
He just smiled as I asked him was this you? How sad.
I said did you pay for each one's college degree?
Did you clean up all those diapers or were they free?
I paid for his lunch and left in a hurry.
Those poor children need not worry.
Their real Father is in Heaven above.
I hope they know His love. I hope they will come to know His love.
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Just What Is A Sperm Bank? Lyrics

Brenda Winters – Just What Is A Sperm Bank? Lyrics