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Wedding Dress Lyrics

Breaking Pangaea – Wedding Dress Lyrics

Well you live with someone but I know you're alone.
You're thinking about the way you were and it feels like missing home.
And you know there's a person that you wanted to be.
You many live with someone, someone in me.
You're doing something by keeping it bottled in.
You're stuck between giving out and giving in.
And you know what needs to be said
But you couldn't play the part
Cause you know what kind of trouble that starts.
And it's all too familiar and it happens all the time.
All the cards begin to stack up,
Twisting heartache into fine little pieces that avoid an awful crime.
But it's you I can't deny.
Everything is going, everything is good.
Every time I saw you, I knew you understood.
Well you know there's a person that you wanted to be.
You may live with someone, someone in me
And she's hoping that he'll fix it but it' more than just a stain.
She's got nothing left to dream of and her nightmares are the same.
She believes that every love could be a lie.
Saying, "you, I can't deny. It's you I can't deny."
It's you I can't deny. It's you.
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