A soldier boy in the line of fire
All illusions come tumbling down
Days on earth about to expire
Hope for freedom is shackled and bound

Racing toward a place you can hide
Fear prevents him from joining the fight
Honor and courage will stand by his side
Hearing the battle rage on in the night

Trapped once again
Caught behind enemy lines
Nightmares won't end
Tragedy can't be far behind
Reach for my hand
Together we'll break the ties that bind
Trapped once again
Caught behind enemy lines

Don't you hear them cry for you
Senseless slaughter sends thousands beyond
Nothing more than a pawn in their game
Forgotten souls that search for the dawn
Awakening to see more of the same

Realizing the fate that's in store
Time has come to turn and attack
As a unit we'll trample the foe
A time for rest, a time to turn back

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Behind Enemy Lines Lyrics

Breaker – Behind Enemy Lines Lyrics