As I walk down the street and I remenisce about
The times that I've had, and the people I've met
And I know, yes I know, that I'll always have a place to go
Where I first met the crew in the time of high school
And I never forget about the things we used to do
Everyday, everday, woah yeah, a many two smoked since that
Never had no problems cause there's better things to do
Like get to the liquor store and I buy some coke
Because a police man never made me walk a straight line
In this border town, this goes on all the time
Cause I don't fucking if I don't ever get no fame
I'd rather be in my garage and play some raggae
When my friends all around and my family in my pad
Oh yeah


These are the best time I've ever had
That I've had, and I'll never, never be the same
Again, oh yeah, But when in this I'll town go home,
It's the only place I've ever known
That I've known, and I'll never be the same again
Oh yeah, (skibb-idee-bop-bop-bop-bop)

And then this girl from school
She just sent down the street
And I watch her everyday
In their fucking tight jeans
She never looked my way cause I had nothing to say
But one day we smoked a J
And things never been the same
Next thing you know we were fucking irie
She was down with the style
She was down with me
And it was not just a scam cause I made a new friend
And if I had to pretend I would do the same again
Never once did I forget my friends and family
You gotta give respect, one day you may be in need
And if that days comes and I don't have no money
Well you never know, it might just be destiny


And I know, yes I know, that I'll never
Never be the same again, oh yeah
When in this town, I'll go home
It's the only place I've ever known
That I've known, and I'll never,
Never be the same again, oh yeah
Oh, when in this town, I'll go home
It's the only place I've ever known
Yeah... Ohh... Ah...

Well everyone's gone now, the crew stay back in town
I don't have my fucking band
But I have to understand
That's the way it goes, way it goes
Some might get rich, some might end up in the can
This is the end, I wanna give a shout out
A big fuck you to my neighbours all around
They called the police when we were trying to get down
I hope that your kids, may this be their first sound
So when I che go home, I know I have no regrets
Never forget the day you buy this drum set
When I look back, and remember all those that were down
Rasa would come by and hear our fuckin raggae sound
But it's all over now, but we've stories to tell
A cd that will sell and fans to come around
For Break from Society a 4: 20
This a type of stylin make me feel irie, Lord
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No Worries Lyrics

Break From Society – No Worries Lyrics

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