Life is a gift we forget to acknowledge
Love sees through the eyes of our grandmothers
Time passes by without consent or apology so
I will try to give back all that's been
Given, given
I am spirit name, dreams of fame
Layer of blame, possessed of thoughts that I
Cannot explain
I am clan brother, like no other
Given to smother
Desires from which I can't hope to recover
I am hopes embraced, then laid to waste
Fearing the fate of leading faith and love into disgrace
I am hidden fears, house of mirrors
Both more and less than I appear
But Who Am I?
Strength comes to those who humbly suffer
Pain burns away the ties to earthly pleasures
Why am I blessed with these gifts I've been given
I will try to become more thankful
Selfless, selfless
I am son of cain, ego vain
Culture retained
A product of the land from which I came
I am middle ground once lost now found
Spirit unbound
By expectations I cannot let down
I am spirit name, dreams of fame
Tempted to blame
But I'll accept the ownership of shame
I am confronting fears, becoming clear
Understanding is near
But Who Am I?
Who Am I?
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Who Am I Lyrics

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