1-2-3 it's been going great guns this fiscal year but I still haven't made it
Anywhere i go I see your face and I hear your name all over the place, how "Capitalism sucks" Oh really? Oh yeah? Well how you gonna treat your friends in apartment waht the fuck, fuck you!
There was so much more than this
Meaningless shit, you make us bored.
I won't tell you where not go so you won't see me there
I won't tell you just hot to be so you can pretend you care
I'll see you there in the late '90's, I didn't know that you'd be there
Trying yeah to make the most of a mediocre boast-ing millions more than it
Could ever be worth.
Now you're crying about too many fans and trying to tell me that it wasn't
Your plan, oh well. I can never feel sorry for you, in times like this, it's
Always you.
Hey Baby Driver, she's a bad driver, I don't know what to do
Behave Baby Driver, still a bad driver, we know it's all about you.
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90's Nomad Lyrics

Bratmobile – 90's Nomad Lyrics