I'ma Hot shot, I be keepin you high ridin, flyin high
Wit no blunt, trees broke & rolled up in paper, high
That's right, I'm the girl from around yo way
So why w-w-why you wanna play me?
I be, top notch, I be keepin you ridin flyin high
Wit no stunts, circus goats, or no ropes, still be sky high
No lie, I'm the girl from around yo way
So why w-w-why you wanna play me?

Verse 1:
We go... Tick for tack, then I letchu hit the cherry sack
Then you rizzle my brizzle, then make me snap my hips back
To the left, in the box to the left, is some condoms labeled magnum
For the piper that's pickin the peper
I had enough of this sleepy shit, we should get it crackin
Again and again, until I'm really on some sore shit
I'm like a revolver, I squeez & bust on niggas
Make em hotta than lava, not your average daughter,
So call my father if you gotta problem


Verse 2:
I be havin you up & down like a see-saw
She's raw, just like the sushi up in the sushi bar
And now you wanna go spoil me
Like you making up, like you commited adultry
Take me home to meet ya momma & ya poppa
That's a little fresh tho, he just might like ya
Sure enough, grandpa started to peep me
Said I looked like his wifey when she was 20, oh boy


Verse 3:
Krispy Kreme cops, and all they glazed tops
Swallowed all the nuts they just got right from the dough shop
I slide by in my new do, they pulled my range rover
Over, roll yo window down & said who you?
His partna asked me, aint you, let me see some I. D.
Yep it is Brandy(Aye yuh),
I think I'm likin ur hair do(aye yuh), I see you wearin some new shoes
You got the louis nap sack,
That you been had, in ya lap, my shift is closin around 2
We can go to Malibu & eat up at nobu, vanilla, po po's aint my style dude
You should know Ima

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Hot Shot Lyrics

Brandy – Hot Shot Lyrics