All you wanted was to be wanted,
Maybe even loved in some kind of dream.
It's over and you smell him on your clothes.
Touch the wall to see if you're alive.

You're asking yourself why.
Frozen over and even colder and no one knows why, but they don't understand.
You're barely breathing.
Your heart stops beating.

I can see it in your eyes.
All you know is how you're treated,
And this thing called love is just a child's dream.
It's colder still when morning finally comes,

And you're driving home all alone.
Frozen over and even colder and you don't know why.
I can see it in your eyes; you don't understand,
And you're that girl with pin-straight hair and curling iron burns just below her ear.

Let's meet up at the dirty lake,
And we'll talk the black skies blue.
We'll spit and cuss as they rain on us and watch the trees start screaming.
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Dead Animals Lyrics

Brandtson – Dead Animals Lyrics