All over the world people are starting to shine
With shades of love that cover all of mankind
We can make a difference one life at a time
Hope is alive

Verse 1:
People are hurting filled with so much pain
Growing weary waiting for a change
War is rampant how will we survive?
In these troubled times
Don't be silent the powers found within
Stop the violence love is how we win
I believe that time has not run out
You can start right now because

Verse 2:
Make one choice to stand up and be heard
Using one voice that echoes around the world
I can see it piercing through the dark
Our love can leave a mark
Start a movement that brings a brighter day
You can do it there now more time to waste
Everybody stand up and reach out
The time is now

If we stand together love will heal is all
I know we can make it better if we answer the call
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Hope Is Alive Lyrics

Brandon Camphor And Oneway – Hope Is Alive Lyrics

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