You can't see the scars I had
Resurrect but not undead
Blessed by an immortal love
I can breathe the air above
You fall asleep but need no rest
Just stay awake to take a test
You say it right but speak no word
The loudest silence I've ever heard
You share the grace to be my god
And justify every single shot
Scared me to death by night and day
But no regrets in many ways
Your face is blank, no need to speak
It hurts me blind, but no one seeks
My body's drenched in cold sweat
Fear surrounds my soul, fear surrounds my head
Now walk the line, and keep it true
Nothing here and no one there will face the truth
It's not what you say, it's what you do
There's more in life than we can say it's what the people hear...
I know the answer but no one sees
Will you ever know just what I mean
I need to feel that I'm alive, can't take my breath
Don't be a victim to a world that divides
You enslave a lonely soul
Unleash the greatest gift of all
Is this your blessing or a mistake
No regrets and nothing to take
You figure out my confidence
To take the arm and cut off the hands
Smile to me in my mortal fright
A sinner's harm, the saint's delight
This loss of life, you're not to blame
Nothing here and there will ever be the same
It's not when you cry or when you sleep
There's life to live, a world to save, there's life to keep
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Victim Lyrics

Brainstorm – Victim Lyrics