One step and all comes down
Each breath feels like the last
Wrap my mind, you steal my soul
My complete relief, life takes it's toll
Don't ever let it get me down
When my feelings slowly burn
So quietly I walked away
My breakin' down reality
I never thought this would be how I die
I'm torn apart but in you, I confide
If this is where I'm supposed to be
My eyes will perceive...
... the final stages of decay
Cause everything that gets in my way
Will be lost and gone
My strength provides relief
Without fear I'll turn around
Strange faces that do surround me
Want me to be what I want them to see
Days disappear all at once
I'm breathing on my own
Wake me up from my undead dread
I'm glad that I haven't lost my head
I'm just a stranger to the scene
Give me the faith and I'll believe
This is not where I'm supposed to be
There's no last embrace, no sanctuary...
I never thought I would laugh again
My smile has decayed as I embraced the dead
My helpless soul is drowning in pain
The more I loathe, the more love I she'd
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The Final Stages Of Decay Lyrics

Brainstorm – The Final Stages Of Decay Lyrics