Turn the keys I spin the wheels
If you know how a person feels
You wouldn't make this so hard for me
I'm afraid of everything
Wish you had something more to say
Behind the wheel I can't stay awake
Pass your house or take a coffeebreak
Just adult desserts for baby cakes

Blame me baby
I'm afraid of everything

There's something wrong with the boy's head
I don't believe what the doctor said
I'm sure one day he'll come around
But he's so quiet now
And when all this talk is over
About how I never spoke
Then goodbye mr. Good humor
Now I'm just your joke

You made me can't you see?
I'm afraid of everything

And all the little come-ons
They were all just run-ons
And when I think of your arms
I forget what street to turn on

And the door slam
It's such a safe sound
I know where I am
I put my keys down
I put my eyes down
Wonder why is it
I lost my courage and
Passed your exit...
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I'm Afraid Of Everything Lyrics

Braid – I'm Afraid Of Everything Lyrics