In the frozen plain
It’s all kinda grim
Mom and pop
Watching hoping
He will learn to swim

He don’t wanna try
Don’t wanna jump in
He’s not going in there
Not even a fin
Though mom and pop beg
They ain’t gonna win
That’s why he’s a
Penguin in a floaty

His friends point and laugh
When he tries to swim
He tries to ignore them
Just tries to fit in
But he can’t hide
Those tears in his eyes
Cuz he’s a penguin in a floaty

Out of all the friends he had
One was unique
He put his own floaty on
And put a smile on junior’s beak

Now that he’s practiced
He doesn’t sink like a stone
Now little junior
He can swim on his own
He loves to go out now
And swim with his friend
And he ain’t a penguin in a floaty

Now junior’s all growed up
Got a wife and a home
And now junior’s got
A junior of his own

Now little mister
He’s gotta learn how to swim
But junior junior
Don’t wanna get in
But pop’s got a plan
To help him fit in
He gets his floaty
And junior’s floaty
Once again he’s a
Penguin in a floaty
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Penguin In A Floaty Lyrics

Bradley Paul Clark – Penguin In A Floaty Lyrics

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