Hello, to you too
Old Boogie Bear
Is here to play for you

Just watch me
I'll show you how, Boo-boo
Yo ho ho, I'm a
Real swinging bear

Yo ho ho, you like
My boogie, Boo-boo
Watch this, Boo-boo

Like, if the meeces
Will get off the piano
Old Boogie will play for you

I'm with you, buddy boy
Dow dow dow dow...
Whoops, wrong song, Boo-boo

Know you know
Old Boogie is no square bear

I've got the guitar, Boogie
Boo-boo, bring it back in time, boy
On guitar

Dig that hot guitar, boy
Yo ho, you didn't know
Boogie could play like this
Watch me, boys and
Dig this boogie time
Boogie guitar, boy

Listen to this, Boo-boo
A real rocking time
Boogie time guitar, Boo-boo
Hold on, Boo-boo

Here we go
I'm rocking
A swinging bear
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Boogie Bear Lyrics

Boyd Bennett – Boogie Bear Lyrics

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