[Intro: Swizz Beatz (dogs barking)]
One, Two.. One, two Bow Weezy, Swizz Beezy
Ladies n gentlemen
Da ladies to da flo,
Da fellaz to da flo
As we go a lil sumthin like this
C'mon lets get it poppin
Lets get it jumpin
Lets get it poppin
Let, lets get it jumpin...[2x]
[Verse 1: Bow Wow]
Listen take a few minutes to mellow out
The names Weezy, girls I wanna tell about
How I have em screamin at da top of dey lungs and..
Lets get it poppin, let lets get it jumpin
Aint nuthin to da young dog
Run yall, charts lock
Soon as I bark
I'm amongst top
B. Wizzle, Swizzle,
Is you crazy baby I'm rainin
Dem boys just drizzle
Nop mo tryna be Like Mike
Cuz even Mike Jordan's two boyz wanna be Like iiiii
All I eva hear when da girls go by is...
Why am I so flyyyyy
I don't know, but uh
[Chorus 2x]
I go by the name of Bow Weezy and...
All tha other lil homies be easy and...
I gotta do my thang to get da cheese again
You can't see me ya betta believe it mayne
[Verse 2: Bow Wow]
Now I'm back 4 ya
To da Swizz track 4 ya
Wants to get it jumpin?
I can gets dat 4 ya
It's me, please wouldn't believe
The ease that I run thru dem suck mc's
B. Dub like fist to gloves
I fit snubs and Swizz da mix it's like drugs
So, watch the clubs get hi-yi-yi
Feel like Cali when I dro by why
Bodies drop and all da mami's faintin
Watch tha candy paint change
Gangsta aint it?
Aint since I dropped da anus
In da drop get aquainted
Wit da hottest in entertainement
[Chorus 2x]
I go by the name of Bow Weezy and...
All da otha lil homies be eazy and...
I gotta do my thang to get da cheese again-acapo
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Get It Poppin' Lyrics

Bow Wow – Get It Poppin' Lyrics

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