Say lil mama what you need to do is drop that lame and come get wit A fly nigga like me
That's what I do 24 7 365 A year ya dig (Ha)
Baby you aint neva seen it done like me (Bet that) I'm da B and I don't lie I be(comin down da block and comin comin down da block and comin comin down block in everything that's fly)(Uhn)
I'm so fresh so clean when I walk through sceemin on da crowd for A shawty I could talk to (Where she at) I'm wit da team and we came to spend green and we on every hot thing that came into the scene gotta bag full of money and A porche on da room A store close deal popper poppin tags on A sunday tell them other lames they'll probly catch up one day I'm livin for da weekend and they just gettin to monday diss boss in A rose royse two tone break ride da phantom only from
Tues. To thursday dudes pointin sayin ay! Dem dudes don't play! Yeah yall kno what it is dats so so def way hay! Aint nuttin chamge but my age and my pay get da girls to da cribs and they always wanna stay and they know I got money but I neva gotta pay ima big boy playa all I gotta say is baby
You aint neva seen it done like me (Bet that)Over here is where you really wanna be (Bet that)I aint wit da boom I'm bout my money
When I do what I do it's thursday to sunday(Bet that)you aint neva seen it done like me (Bet that) I'm da B (B) and I don't lie
I be comin down da block and comin comin down da block and comin comin down da block in every thing that's fly
Now this two seaters in my garage lamb is A farra this watch wus audemar before da upgrade song (Haha)I got G's in da bag wit da G's all on it gotta castle for da crib I spit cheese all on it hay! I'm everwhere them other dudes don't be around at da game close enough to grab rebounds I'm in town on A friday gone on A saturday back on A monday was home about one day who else you know is cooler than A fan that can plan get A weight trip chillin on that all black sands I'm gettin tans in da winter time chefs when it's dinner time wont be seen around wit nuttin less than A dime I got the game on the slang in the language left in A range and came back in A vanquish I got accounts on accounts that's amounts on amounts at any different time I can bounce out (Uhn)

Now what day of the week is it (I don't know)It don't even matter I don't even hear them dudes with the whispers and the chatters I be gone in that O7 starin and exceleratin jumped in da wheels and I can't keep the pedals watin celebratin ever single chance that I get to make them other girls pissed off when I'm wit you seen that side hate at the mall that we went to you seen what I spent boo that's A life issue I play wit it everything stay kitted got that 59 50 on that broke ass fitted it be like that man get it still black card limit when it's time for some action all da girls be wit it that's my lifestyle girl I'm da one you wanna holla at forget yesterday I'm cool enough to bring tomorrow back and you can see that's why ya eyes all swole you aint gotta front I kno you wanna roll cause
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Bet That Lyrics

Bow Wow – Bet That Lyrics

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