Ghetto Girls
Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh oooooooooooo
Ghetto girls

Yea like when janet was justice that's what I'm talkin bout
A shorty that can tell when the jays come out
Get creative wit they haircuts like t-boz
Favorite rappers is bow wow snoop jd and oz
Always up in sombody face tryin to fuss
At the rate that she going she can take the bus
Like when jada was peaches in the movie shame
On the top you find sittin in the roughest game
They only like rocking the stuff that really costs
Only like rollin wit cats that love to floss
Lip-gloss shining tattoo on they back
Attitude like Mary J mixed wit Brat
You can find them at the beauty shop mall or church
Wearin brand names and with a matchin purse
So all that's a diddy stuff yall can keep
Cuz only those that keep it ghetto (check) can ride wit me [fa sho!]


Ghetto girls they hot boys push hot toys
They ball with the best (hey babe)
Ghetto girls that's all I like so tell me baby is that you

Now what I'm talkin bout
When they ride wit they man like you wouldnt believe
Switch the colors on they hair like E-V-E
When they walk like I walk but talk like a lady
Snap like I snap and get a little crazy I luh dat
Specially when they bounce in g's
The type that pull front on some mickey d's
Bandanas to baretts daisy dues and spandex all that's good with me
I like them G-H-E-T-T-Onopw believe me she gots to go
At the corner store buying up all the seewts Cho-Chos and Rice Crispies treats on my street
That's all I see like everyday and they do what they do ina crazy way
Hang with the ballers so they never pay
And they usually got a name that's hard to say
You heard!!!!!!!!????????


If you know what I mean shorty let yourself be seen ya heard
If you know what I mean shorty let yourself be seen uh uh!

(at the very end of the song --- that's all I liikkkkkkkkee yyeaaaaaaa!!!)
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Ghetto Girls Lyrics

Bow Wow Wow – Ghetto Girls Lyrics