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Spongebob Came To Outer Space Lyrics

Bouu – Spongebob Came To Outer Space Lyrics

It's spongee bob time
Let's go backwardz
Brothers and

Let's get in the rocket
And go to the moon
Go see the stars
Come in the rocket

Pluto is near
The sun is hot
Saturn's way colder
With blasting lava
Makes a volcano

What next?

Spongebob came the next day
With patrick+sandy
And squidward
We wen't to his house
And saw gary

Spongebob came to outer space
Mr. Krabz came along
Sandy did some science
In outer space

Sponge bob
Mr. Krabz and
All said wow

Then the second grader
Came to outer space
And kicked patricked
He kicked him back

Everybody started kickin'
Then everyone fall out
Of outer space

That's what happened
When spongebob came
To outer space

When sandy fell
On patrick
He yelled and
Kicked spongebob
Sponge bob
Kicked gary


Then spongebob
Crashed his drums

That's what happened
Whemn sponge bob
Came to outer sppaaaaaaaaaaceeeeeeeee!

Go cameron
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