Hayyy! Somebaddi say suppen bout tyad
Yuh reddy fi hear how di gal dem a say some bredda a lyad
Lawd a mercy
Well this a di gal dem daily prayers

1. Well
Bwoy come a road an a foam an a wrath
Bwoy a spread rumor say how Shelley salt
Shelley say a lie an she a cus pure cloth
A c** him c** quick an tun roun a find fault


Him a wutless bwoy, ole liad
C** quick a tell gal sey him tyad
Wutless bwoy, ole liad
C** quick a tell lie say him tyad

2. Shelley come check mi fi buss out di bet
She say from she born a the wuss slam she get
She just settle dung an all a ketch up har breath
But this bredda come fast like a new jumbo jet


3. Mi hear a little drama bout him an one chick
Di two a dem a flex fram wha day tick tick
She an him a slam an him c** too quick
So him hol offa har an start to form sick


4. Him a show off sey him have ends fi brush
Guh check Babycham dem fi get Chini Brush
Him tackle Shelley, him c** fus
An promise har fi kick dung if she guh road guh bus


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Wutless Bwoy Lyrics

Bounty Killer – Wutless Bwoy Lyrics